The Power of Royalty is one of the prominent driving force of the story in Hayate the Combat Butler or Hayate no Gotoku. It is a mysterious power which is said to be: The power to make someone wealthy enough for his entire life. Although there are no clues about this power, but the existence of this power is real. As implied by Athena, the power of royalty is always residing inside her castle. However, there are no successful person who can get that power unless they have the key to the castle which it is King's Jewel. The power is also guarded by her castle's traps and herself, but Athena never mentioned the power to anybody else except to a few people including Mikado Sanzenin and Hayate's Brother. There are many rich people in the world who are aiming to get the power for themselves, including Mikado and Midas. Whether they are aiming to use it for good or for evil is unknown. Ancient people have sealed the power to maintain the balance of the world's economy and peace. It is said only person with with extensive knowledge, having strength and courage, and also strong mentality is capable of getting the power.

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