Limited 9
Chapter Info
Released WithIncluded with Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD vol 9
(Included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0)
Cover Character(s)Izumi Segawa
Hayate Ayasaki
Total Pages4
Chapter Chronology
Special Chapter : Limited 9 is a special and final chapter of the limited series, that was included with the ninth volume of the Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD and later included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Izumi Segawa
  2. Hayate Ayasaki
  3. TKDS mech
  4. Maria
  5. Shiori Makimura


While thinking about the resemblance between Hayate and the unknown boy, she kissed ten years ago, Izumi is suddenly attacked by the angry TKDS mech, who is upset with the fact that girls grow up before grabbing her. At the Sanzenin Mansion, Maria curiously asks Makimura about whereabouts of the TKDS mech, which Makimura cheerfully tells her that she threw it out because it was creepy. Being stripped of her clothes by the TKDS mech's mechanical tentacles, Izumi cries out Hayate's name, who instantly arrives. Hayate takes out the TKDS mech with a single kick. Izumi calls his name again and Hayate turns to her with a smile on his face and says to her "I don't really know why you were so mad earlier Izumi-san, so... can I... keep being your knight in shining armor until I do?". With a tear in her eye Izumi utters Hayate's name again.

Working as a maid at the Segawa household once again, Hayate is asked by Izumi, if he tried using the "calamity action" on anyone yet? Telling her he won't use it, Izumi remarks that he wouldn't want to do anything that would make someone mad. She then sits on her bed and she playfully adds that they wouldn't know if the "calamity action" would really work on anyone. Taking her by surprise, Hayate gets really close to her face and suggestively remarks "how about we try it?" Izumi trys to get Hayate to stop, but he tells her he doesnt care how mad she'll get, he'll just cool her anger with the power of magic as he grasps her hand. Izumi tells him that he never plays fair before letting out an erotic moan.


  • This chapter is non-canon to the main storyline.

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