Limited 6
Chapter Info
Released WithIncluded with Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD vol 6
(Included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0)
Cover Character(s)Miki Hanabishi
Risa Asakaze
Hayate Ayasaki
Aika Kasumi
Total Pages4
Chapter Chronology
Special Chapter : Limited 6 is a special chapter that was included with the sixth volume of the Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD and later included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Miki Hanabishi
  2. Risa Asakaze
  3. Hayate Ayasaki
  4. Aika Kasumi
  5. Chiharu Harukaze


At the student council room in Hakuou Academy, Miki and Risa remind Hayate that due to the incident earlier, he has really made Hinagiku mad, which he reminds Risa that she was the one that caused the whole mess in the first place. After asking if Hinagiku's anger is a regular occurence, Aika tells him that he has to use a "calamity action", informing him that it is a super wonderful item that can cool off any anger in an instant, he'd need to gather all three stones. Determined to gather the three of them, Hayate asks Aika on the whereabouts of the three stones, turning to him she tells him that she has one of the stones and has placed it in Chiharu's gym locker however he only has ten minutes to retrieve it. Perplexed on why its there, Hayate asks her why she put it in Chiharu's locker, In which she reminds him that "If a perverted butler with a habit of cross-dressing were to be found secretly looking through a classmate's gym locker he would be socially doomed." hearing her response, Hayate panics and rushes out to Chiharu's locker after Aika reminds him that he only has nine minutes left, On his way to the lockers and thinking if he could do this with honesty and explain the situation, Hayate barges into the locker room only to see Chiharu changing out of her school swimsuit, completely embarrassed, Chiharu calls him an idiot then slaps him as he tries to apologize.


  • This chapter is non-canon to the main storyline

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