Limited 5
Chapter Info
Released WithIncluded with Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD vol 5
(Included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0)
Cover Character(s)Hayate Ayasaki
Hinagiku Katsura
Total Pages4
Chapter Chronology
Special Chapter : Limited 5 is a special chapter that was included with the fifth volume of the Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD and later included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Hayate Ayasaki (Hayateishia Ayasaki)
  2. Hinagiku Katsura
  3. Risa Asakaze


While continuing his work as the maid of the Segawa household, Hayate reflects on while he is working as a maid he cannot allow anyone to see him. Hearing the doorbell, Hayate happily answers the door before realizing the person at the door is Hinagiku. Both at a loss of words, Hayate immediately slams the door in her face, irritated for what he did, Hinagiku bangs on the door and immediately asks him why he is dressed like a maid. While holding the door closed and with a dreadful look on his face, Hayate remarks on how she was the person who would yell the most after seeing him in this situation. Outside Hinagiku is greeted by Risa, Hinagiku informs her that Hayate is inside Izumi's house crossdressing before Risa corrects her by saying that its not Hayate, convincing her that Hayate wouldn't be so perverted as he would go into other people's home while crossdressed, Risa opens the door and confidently offers for her to touch Hayate's chest to prove her wrong, taken aback on what she said, Hayate whispers to Risa that he can't allow her to go through with it, Risa reassures him that Hinagiku couldn't tell the difference as her chest size is the same as his. Protesting, Hayate points out to her "that no matter how many times you call her flat chested, she has a little more then me, you know!!", realizing that in the process he accidentally touched Hinagiku's chest. Upset for what he did, Hinagiku calls him an idiot then hits him.


  • This chapter is non-canon to the main storyline.

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