Limited 2
Chapter Info
Released WithIncluded with Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD vol 2
(Included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0)
Cover Character(s)Maria
Total Pages4
Chapter Chronology
Special Chapter : Limited 2 is a special chapter that was included with the second volume of the Hayate no Gotoku!! DVD and later included again in Hayate no Gotoku! Volume 0.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Maria
  2. Nagi Sanzenin
  3. Hayate Ayasaki
  4. Izumi Segawa


After reading the letter she was given years ago, Maria reflects on how she used to get those kind of letters often and ponders on how she cannot understand why the creature called man would want to date a little girl. After coming to a resolution, Maria decides that she'll have to keep her eyes peeled and protect Nagi from those kinds of people. Thinking of an incident that happend between Hayate and Nagi earlier, Maria jumps to a conclusion and kicks Hayate out of the mansion for three days leaving him with one million yen. Being confident with such a large sum of money in his pocket, Hayate loses it all in a matter of three hours. At the end of the day, Hayate returns to the place where he first met Nagi, reflecting on how he has no where to go. Izumi then greets him by holding an umbrella over his head, shielding him from the falling snow. She then reminds him that he'll catch a cold if he continued to sit outside the way he was dressed. With a smile on her face Izumi asks him if he had a place to go and then offers him a place to stay.

Anime Adaption


  • This chapter takes place during Chapter 75, however is non-canon to the main storyline.

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