Sore ga Seiyuu! EP1
Episode Info
Japanese Titleアフレコ
Romanized TitleAfureko
English TitleRecording
On Air7 July 2015
Theme Song Info
OpeningSore ga Seiyuu!
EndingAnata no O Mimi ni Plug In!
Request CornerA Cruel Angel's Thesis
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Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 1, title name as Recording (アフレコ Afureko?) aired on July 7th 2015.


Today is an important day for Futaba Ichinose, a rookie voice actress of Aozora Productions. This is the day for her to be in a anime voice recording booth for the first time. She feels very nervous and trys to encourage herself by talking to Korori. After she finishes preparing in both body and mind, she takes of for the first step in her dream.

At the studio, Futaba has an unexpected meeting with Masako Nozawa, a legendary voice actress and feels too much excitement that she greets her twice which makes her embarrassed. Taisuke Yamori, another voice actor who happend to be there then said that Futaba, who easily forgot the face of the person can't be a voice actress. Then Hikari Shiodome, a senior voice actress from the same agency as Futaba comes to greet her and wish her the best of luck.

Futaba walks around to check if there is anyone left that she didn't greet. She finds a cute girl who dresses up in strawberry theme clothes. She introduces herself as Ichigo Moesaki, a voice actress from Voice Entertainment. She tells Futaba that her hometown is at "Planet Strawberry in Strawberry Nebula", which makes Futaba and Hikari curious enough to make Hikari ask if it is true or not. Ichigo feels embarrassed and slips out that she actaully come from Kanagawa. Futaba then finds a young middle school student in the studio. Thinking that the girls must be lost, Futaba goes to ask her, only to discover that she is actaully a 15 year old voice actress from Sakuranbo Theatre Group, Rin Kohana.

At the recording booth, Futaba has a problem about how her character Pipo should act. This causes her to make a mistake on the dry run testing process. Ichigo also has a problem since she has a small chest, but she needs to sound more like a big boobs girl. Only Rin has no problems with her acting, since she used to be a child actress since the age of five. Seeing how cute Rin is and her talents make both Futaba and Ichigo fall for her. At the end of the recording, the director nearly forgot the line for a minor character. He asks Futaba to do it, but she can't concentrate and makes a mistake so Hikari does it instead. Although Masako comes to cheer her up after that, Taisuke who insulted Futaba before tells her that she is a failure to voice actress, which makes her feel down.

Trying to go home while raining, both Futaba and Ichigo forget their umbrellas. Rin then lends them hers since she takes the bus back. Futaba and Ichigo then walk home using Rin's umbrella. They talk about how great Rin's talents are, which gives them the courage to try hard next time. They split ways at the train station and promise to meet again next week.

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-Ohys-Raws- Sore ga Seiyuu! - 01 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4 snapshot 05.35 -2015.07.10 15.50.39-

Masumi Asano guest stars as one of the voice actresses of Buddha Fighter Bodhisattvon

  • The logo of the first anime that Futaba got the role for, Buddha Fighter Bodhisattvon (仏戦隊ボサツオン Futsu sentai bosatsuon?), is a parody of the logo for Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    • Additionally, the anime studio who produces this anime is Zongo, which is parody of Gonzo who produces Sore ga Seiyuu!.
  • Next to Futaba's apartment, the Japanese convenience store Lawson can be seen.
  • Masumi Asano, the writer of Sore ga Seiyuu! guest stars as one of the voice actresses of Buddha Fighter Bodhisattvon in this episode.
  • Masako Nozawa guest stars as herself in this episode. She is best known for voicing Goku, Bardock, Gohan, Turles, Goten, Gogeta include another fusion existance Vegito (with Ryō Horikawa), Gotenks (with Takeshi Kusao), Goku Jr., and Goku Black from the Dragon Ball series. She also does the narration in the first part of this episode before Korori does.
    • Additionally, when Futaba first greets Masako Nozawa, Futaba muses to herself about how Nozawa would shoot energy waves from her hand and evolve. This is a reference to Masako Nozawa's roles she played in the Dragon Ball series.
  • During the ending credits, Futaba, Ichigo and Rin briefly sing along to the opening theme song "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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