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Shun Ayasaki
Shun Ayasaki
Japanese Name綾崎 瞬
Romaji NameAyasaki Shun
NameShun Ayasaki
Blood typeUnknown
Hair ColorUnknown
Eyes ColorUnknown
SpecialtyStealing, Conning people
Family & Relationships
MotherSuzune Ayasaki (deceased)
FamilyMrs. Ayasaki (wife)
Ikusa Ayasaki (son)
Hayate Ayasaki (son)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
MangaOne-shot (Mentioned)
Chapter 1
AnimeEpisode 1 (S1)
Voiced ByKenji Hamada

Shun Ayasaki (綾崎 瞬 Ayasaki Shun?) is Ikusa and Hayate's father. He has been shown to be an irresponsible parent by refusing to get employed and later selling his son's organs to the Yakuza to ease their financial burdens of 156,804,000 yen.


Shun has medium length hair and is usually seen wearing a suit. Though his face has yet to be revealed it is usually shown to be left blank except for the fact that the kanji for "father" is written on it.


10 years ago

Ten years ago, when Hayate was at his kindergarten. It was some time then that some of the children in his school found out that their lunch money was stolen. Every one of them blames Hayate due to their knowledge of his parent's activities. Due to this, Hayate became disheartened for he could not afford to believe that his parents are guilty of crime and started walking home, crying. Along the way, he met his dad, Shun Ayasaki, and ran to him. Shun then, asked why Hayate is crying and offered him a piece of candy. Hayate explained what happened at school and it is revealed that Shun stole the lunch money. With Hayate actually knowing the truth behind his parents, he couldn't bear it and became very upset about it that he ran away disregarding the fact that he might get killed due to an accident.

Five days later, while trying to figure out what to do with the precious ring that Athena gave him, Hayate is approached by his parents who ask him where has been for the past five days, thinking it was longer then his mother said. Shun asks him what has got him upset enough to make him run away from home. Remembering what his father did five days ago, Hayate points out to him that it was wrong of him to steal his classmates lunch money. Taken aback from his son's response, Shun sheepishly admits his mistake and suggests to return the stolen money to Hayate's class. While thinking of a way to return it, Mrs. Ayasaki suggests to them both, that Hayate could be a role model for his father by working to pay it off, which Shun happily agrees to. Noticing the ring in Hayate's hands, Shun asks him about it, which Hayate tells him that he got it from someone very important to him. Seeing an opportunity, Shun avariciously offers to store the ring in a "special place", while Hayate is working, while his mother offers for them all to go out for sushi afterwards. Seeing his parents commitment, Hayate takes them both up on their offer. After Hayate gave his ring to his father, Shun goes to a nearby pawn shop and pawns it for 10,200 yen.

Present Day

Ten years later, on Christmas eve, after informing Hayate's boss from his part-time job about him being underage, Shun and his wife collect their sons monthly wages of 170,000 yen. After attempting to double it at a casino, they rack up a debt of 156,804,000 yen and with no ways of paying off their debt, they sell Hayate's organs to the Yakuza. After this they go to Shiomi High School to collect the rest of Hayate's tuition before skipping town.

Currently there whereabouts are unknown.


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