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San Qian Yuan Zhi
Counterpart(s)Nagi Sanzenin
Chinese Name三千院 芷
Pinyin NameSan Qian Yuan Zhi
Japanese broadcast Name三千院 ナギ
Romaji broadcast NameSanzen'in Nagi
Other NameXiao Zhi
Age17, 18 (with the passage of time)
Blood typeAB
Family & Relationships
MotherSan Qian Yuan Jing (deceased)
FriendJu Xuan (fiancé)
Duanmu Zeyu
OtherLing Qi Sa (butler)
Maria (maid)
Ke Laofu (butler)
San Qian Yuan Di (grandfather)
Ji Shen (former butler)
First AppearanceEpisode 1 Flag of Republic of China
Episode 1 Flag of Japan
StarringPark Shin Hye
Voice ByHe Yipei
(Taiwanese Broadcast)

San Qian Yuan Zhi (三千院 芷 San Qian Yuan Zhi), also known as Xiao Zhi (小芷 Xiao Zhi) is Nagi Sanzenin's counterpart in the live action TV series. She is the only heiress to the San Qian Yuan fortune because she is the only survivor of the family besides her grandfather. She fell in love with Ling Qi Sa after she misunderstood his words. He then became her butler after he saved her from being kidnapped.


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Characteristics and personality

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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike her counterpart, Xiao Zhi learnt how to swim by herself after the event where she got thrown by the kidnapper to drown in the pool when she was 6 years old.


  • Xiao Zhi uses the same surname as Nagi Sanzenin (三千院) but read in Chinese style.
  • Because Park Shin Hye, who acts as Xiao Zhi is Korean, Xiao Zhi will be dubbed in Chinese by Taiwanese voice actress He Yipei for on-air in Taiwan.


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