San Qian Yuan Jing
Cha-yukariko Sanzenin-dm
Counterpart(s)Yukariko Sanzenin
Chinese Name三千院 靜
Pinyin NameSan Qian Yuan Jing
Japanese broadcast Name三千院 紫子
Romaji broadcast NameSanzen'in Yukariko
Family & Relationships
FatherSan Qian Yuan Di
OtherSan Qian Yuan Zhi (daugther)
First AppearanceEpisode 3 Flag of Republic of China
Episode 4 Flag of Japan
StarringPark Shin Hye

San Qian Yuan Jing (三千院 靜 San Qian Yuan Jing) is Yukariko Sanzenin's counterpart in the live action TV series. She is San Qian Yuan Zhi's mother. She has been deceased since Xiao Zhi was very young.


Jing has long brown hair. She has a face similar to her daughter, Xiao Zhi.

Characteristics and personality

Nothing much has been revealed about her personality since she only appears in a flashback. In that flashback, she's shown to have a formal speech and bright personality and not being very naive and silly like her counterpart.


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Differences from the Counterpart

  • Unlike her counterpart, Jing is more formal than Yukariko who was portrayed as being very naive and silly.


  • Jing uses the same surname as Yukariko (三千院) but read in Chinese style.


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