Orumuzuto Nadja
Cha nadja
Japanese Nameオルムズト・ナジャ
Romaji NameOrumuzuto Naja
NameOrumuzuto Nadja
Other NameKami-sama
Blood typeUnknown
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorUnknown
LikeBeing called a Goddess
Family & Relationships
OtherAll except Wataru Tachibana and Saki Kijima (interviewee)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Side StoryGod's Rocket Punch!
AnimeEpisode 7 (S1)
NovelVolume 2
MangaChapter 545 (Flashback)
Voiced ByRina Satō

Orumuzuto Nadja (オルムズト・ナジャ Orumuzuto Naja?) is a character that mostly appears on the skin cover in the Hayate No Gotoku! manga. Originally from God's Rocket Punch!, an early work of Hata Kenjiro which share the same universe.

She also appeared in most of first season Character CD's except Character CD 7 Wataru & Saki.


Orumuzuto has long black hair wearing a ponytail with pigtails in the front and she has large eyes, She is usually seen wearing a large pink sweater along with a white gravity defying scarf and a long black dress.


Nadja is a mythological goddess who can grant anyone a wish (with in its limits), if they give up 50 years of their life in exchange.


God's Rocket Punch!

Nadja first appears after Tasake and his friend Kazuya accidently summon her from a book entitled "Orumuzuto Nadja a dream goddess in ancient Indian mythology" that was found in Tasake's late grandfather's home, After mistaking him for his late grandfather Kiyoji, Tasake informs her of his grandfathers departure prompting her to transfer his grandfathers wish to him turning his right hand into a mechanical one without his consent. After explaining to Tasake about his late grandfather's wish and how she can't restore his hand unless he gave up 50 years of his life in exchange, She then overhears a robbery in progress, upon seeing one of the robbers holding a little girl hostage, She confronts the robbers while trying to persuade Tasake to take them out with his mechanical hand, but ends up being taken hostage along with the little girl by the robbers who then try to escape in a car, while Tasake and Kazuya pursue the robbers after "borrowing" a car from one of the other hostages, Tasake fires his mechanical hand and misses after Nadja realizes that he was aiming for her and then exchanging insults with each other, Tasake fires his Mechanical hand again hitting one of the robbers causing the car to spin out. After being saved, Nadja praises Tasake for his efforts before overhearing some nearby police officers looking for them for stealing the car from earlier. While hiding along with Tasake and Kazuya, Nadja offers to help them only if Tasake gave up 50 years of his life in exchange.

Hayate no Gotoku!

Outside the world of Hayate no Gotoku!, She always the one who greeting the reader, making comments on the manga, and conducting character interviews. She acts like a TV host and carries around a microphone. Nagi does not get along with her. Nadja also makes a ameo appearance in the manga in Chapter 9, appearing on TV with her eyes censored and voiced changed.

She's has a minor role in Hayate no Gotoku! Light Novel 2, which she uses her telepathy to call Nagi for helping prevent Britney to go to the real world.

In Chapter 544 of the manga, the Manuscript of Orumuzuto Nadja is mentioned as the Royal Power that is sealed in the Royal Garden. In Chapter 545, it is revealed that she is the deity whom King Midas trapped there.

Appearances in Other Media

SynergySP Timeline

Nadja's only appearance in the anime is in Episode 7 (S1) as a lifeless doll.


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