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Mrs. Katsura
Mrs. Katsura
Japanese Nameヒナギクの養母
Romaji NameHinagiku no yōbo
NameMrs. Katsura
Blood typeUnknown
Hair ColorGray (S1)

Brown (S2)

Eyes ColorLight Brown (S1)

Purple (S2)

Family & Relationships
FamilyMr. Katsura (husband)
Yukiji Katsura (adopted daughter)
Hinagiku Katsura (adopted daughter)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
MangaChapter 39
AnimeEpisode 14 (S1)
Voiced ByEmi Shinohara

Mrs. Katsura (ヒナギクの養母 Hinagiku no yōbo?) is the adoptive mother of Yukiji and Hinagiku, she seems to have a fondness for Hinagiku. She is also attracted to Hayate due to his feminine looks, and tends to always want to make him to wear Hinagiku's unwanted clothes, much to her embarrassment.


Mrs. Katsura has gray hair in season 1 while in season 2 she has brown hair. Her eyes are light brown in season 1 while in season 2 she has purple eyes. In season 1, she looks to be in her 40s while in season 2 she looks like a young woman.


She first appeared when Yukiji came back to their house because she wanted have some advice from Hinagiku about Hay
Mrs. Katsura(S1)

Mrs. Katsura in Season 1

ate's exam results.

Later, she appears again when Hayate decided to stay in Hinagiku's house. And appears again during Hinagiku's birthday after she sang.

She appears again when Hayate asked her permission for Hinagiku to stay in the Violet Mansion.


  • Her appearance becomes more youthful as the story progresses.


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