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Masamune (木刀・正宗 Bokutō Masamune?) is a legendary wooden sword belonging to the Saginomiya family. It was said to have the power to release the full potential of its wielder. It was crafted by the legendary craftsman, Masamune.


Masamune's appearance is similar to that of a Suburitō type bokken (wooden sword).


Tiger's Den for Butlers

The Masamune is first shown when it was given to Hinagiku by Isumi before they entered the Tiger's Den for Butlers. While inside, Hinagiku uses the sword to fend off Sonia's robot and then later uses it to to stop Sonia from finishing off Hayate after she had hit him with a tonfa.

Hinagiku's Birthday

Hinagiku uses the Masamune on Hayate after he had arrived late on their scheduled meeting at the Hakuo clock tower on the night of her birthday. It was also used numerous times to strike Hayate and Yukiji due to their poor choice of words and actions while around Hinagiku.

Golden Week

Hinagiku uses the Masamune to fend off King Midas's sudden onslaught of monsters, before she is given the Shirosakura by Ginka and then sent to aid Hayate in his confrontation against King Midas. After saving Hayate's life from Midas's attack, Hinagiku gives Hayate the Masamune for him to use in his battle against King Midas.

Later on in Chapter 360, it is revealed that Hinagiku still owns this sword although she now uses the Shirosakura over the Masamune as her main sword.

Finale Arc

Masamune destruction

Masamune destruction by Himegami's attack

During Hakuo Academy's big bubble Christmas party, Hinagiku relies on the Masamume in her battle against Himegami. After clashing with him, the Masamune is ultimately destroyed by Himegami's Rocket Punch attack.

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