Hayate LIFE
Former Employees
Yamato Ikusabe
Kasumi Asanagi
Hayate Ayasaki (temporarily)
Nagi Sanzenin
Ayumu Nishizawa
Hinagiku Katsura
Chiharu Harukaze
Kayura Tsurugino
Kotetsu Segawa
Souya Minamino
(No one visits this place right now)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
Side StoryLifesavers Chapter 1
MangaChapter 437

LIFE (人命 Jinmei?) is a seaside restaurant and life saver training center in Shonan that is run by Yamato Ikusabe and Kasumi Asanagi. Souya, Mitsumi, Ayu and Hijiri go to this place after having read a flyer for life saver training in Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers.

Lifesavers LIFE

LIFE's appearance in Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers

After the events of Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers, the seaside restaurant LIFE went out of business due to the poor quality of the food and service, and was destroyed.

Months later, in Hayate no Gotoku!, the seaside restaurant LIFE was rebuilt by Kotetsu, after Hayate had made a bet with Yamato to bring back the seaside restaurant and earn 8.9 million yen. Three days later, after Hayate had won the bet, the seaside restaurant is presumably left in Yamato's care.


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