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Kang Tailang
Counterpart(s)Koutarou Azumamiya
Chinese Name康太郎
Pinyin NameKang Tailang
Japanese broadcast Name東宮 康太郎
Romaji broadcast NameAzumamiya Kōtarō
Blood typeA
Family & Relationships
OtherYuan Yefeng (butler)
First AppearanceEpisode 6 Flag of Republic of China
Episode 8 Flag of Japan
StarringFrankie Huang

Kang Tailang (康太郎 Kang Tailang) is Koutarou Azumamiya's counterpart and the character in the live action TV series. He is Yefeng's master and also a member of Bai Huang Academy's kendo club along with Gui Chuju.


Tailang has short black hair. He wears a Bai Huang Academy uniform at university and wears a Kendogi Kendo Uniform when doing club activities.

Characteristics and personality

He has a demanding personality, childish, and doesn't like losing similar to his Counterpart. He saw Xiao Sa as his enemy after seeing that Chuju took interest in him.


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  • Koutarou's name contains the same character as Tailang (康太郎), but Tailang's is read in Chinese style. Since Tailang's first name character is a surname, this means Tailang doesn't have the same name as Koutarou.


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