Isumi Saginomiya has many different types of skills at her disposal. They are mostly used for battle, exorcism, and many more uses.

Known Skills

Hachiyou Rokushiki - Grand Explosion

A technique wherein she creates a powerful explosion by channeling her energies from her fingertips. Isumi used it against the minions of the Carp Herpes in chapter 71 of the manga.

Anime version

Eight Leaves - Kamitsumaki Seven Divine Generations


Seven Divine Generations

This technique was used against the possessed Athena, which was King Midas. It uses an amazing burst of power forming a dragon or monster rushing at the enemy with amazing speed.

Eight Leaves - Takemikazuchi



This technique was also used against King Midas who had possessed Athena. It uses an amazing array of electric shock powers, as Takemikazuchi is named after the Thunder God in Ancient Japan.

Law of Forced Transposition

This technique was also used the same day as the previous two. This technique works on the same prinicples as teleportation or instant movement taking whoever the caster wishes to a designated spot. Isumi used this technique so she, Hayate and Sakuya could escape from King Midas. They arrived in the middle of an ocean in Greece on the account of Isumi's remaining power.

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