Sure, Amuro Had a Place To Return To, But...
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Episode Info
Japanese Titleそりゃ安室には帰れる場所があったでしょうけど...
Romanized TitleSorya Amuro ni wa Kaereru Basho ga Atta Deshō Kedo...
English TitleSure, Amuro Had a Place To Return To, But...
1st skip
Mecha Butler 13
skip Character(s)
Hayate Ayasaki
On Air24 February 2008 (Ja)
14 August 2009 (En) - Animax dub
Theme Song Info
OpeningShichitenhakki Shijou Shugi!
EndingKo no me kaze
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Hayate no Gotoku! Episode 47, title name as Sure, Amuro Had a Place To Return To, But... (そりゃ安室には帰れる場所があったでしょうけど... Sorya Amuro ni wa Kaereru Basho ga Atta Deshō Kedo...?) aired on February 24th 2008, the English Animax dub aired on August 14th 2009.


This episode begins with a giant meteor heading straight to Earth. Meanwhile in the Sanzenin mansion, while Nagi is watching "300", she tells Hayate not to work any longer as her butler. When Hayate thinks Nagi is firing him, she replied to him that he should take a break and focus on his studying for his exam. But as he said to her that he can take care of both working and studying, she makes a new deal; if he gets a poor grade, she will fire him. Maria then tells Hayate to accept Nagi's offer, and then Nagi said to Hayate that once the exams are over, she will look forward for him to play with her. After Hayate accepted that offer, the moment he was about to go to his room in order to study, Sakuya appeared out of nowhere and smacked him with her paper fan again. Back in the room, while Nagi is watching "The Matrix", Maria said to Nagi that Klaus is out and away, but as Nagi said to her that she doesn't need a butler, Maria wondered who will be the next butler who gets in trouble every time. Klaus then appeared from the TV, but Nagi broke the TV while he is in it. However, Klaus just came up with an idea, which is to replace Hayate with a new "emergency" butler. Meanwhile on Hayate's room, while he is studying for the exam, Sakuya is right next to him, knowing that he is working hard for Nagi's sake, so she will help him out. But as he is still depressed, she smaked him with a paper fan yet again, and then she said to him that he will have nothing to worry about, because there is a new butler. Hayate then tries not to get too worried when Sakuya tells him that Nagi and her new butler might get along really well. She also tells him have some confidence and trust the bond between him and Nagi. As he felt satisfied, he was about to go back to studying, but before that, he went to the bathroom, and Sakuya realized that he is still worried.

While he is on his way to the bathroom, Hayate heard Nagi's voice and hides himself. Nagi said to Klaus that she won't accept her new butler, even if that butler is more useful than Hayate, as Klaus said that. But then, Nagi and Maria looked behind them, and that "butler" Klaus was talking about looks somewhat like Hayate. The robot introduced himself as "Mecha Butler Thirteen", Thirteen for short. After that, Nagi ordered Klaus to send Thirteen back to Shiori, though Thirteen stays. After Hayate and Sakuya peeked, he will go back to his studies. Elsewhere, Ayumu ordered a soda from a vending machine. Back in the mansion, Thirteen looked at Nagi's manga and insulted it, because he said that her manga looked horrible. However, Thirteen said to Nagi that the characters are well made, including how she utilized her strength in formatting the pages and lines, though the plot development makes no sense. And for that, he reached the manga from above and gave it to her so that she can read it, knowing that it's a good reference. He even made a rose tea for her so that she can relax while she is reading. Maria was impressed that a robot like Thirteen could do a better job. Then, Thirteen said to Maria if he can help her with a housekeeping, and she accepted his assistance. As she walks through the hallway, he stops her by grabbing her shoulders. By doing that, he noticed that her shoulders are stiff, so he gave her a shoulder massage. Maria felt relaxed the way Thirteen is giving her a massage. After that, she thanked him for doing that. Later, Hayate wondered if his replacement left the mansion, until he heard a video game sound. He peeked inside a room with Thirteen and Nagi playing the video game together while Maria is next to them. Hayate had no idea what is going on, but he soon got depressed the moment they are enjoying their fun time.

Later, Nagi and Thirteen are playing ping pong, and after the game, Sakuya tells her that Hayate felt jealous, just because Nagi is getting along with Thirteen. Then, Sakuya tells Thirteen of how good he is, and when he wants someone, namely the audience, to tell her, she somehow hit him with her paper fan. But Thirteen was impressed on how she jabbed at him perfectly. As Nagi realized how jealous Hayate is, she is somehow enjoying his jealousy over her, by saying that he is awfully cute. After Thirteen scanned Nagi's emotion, he asked her why is she happy, and as she explained to him that Hayate's jealousy "gets her going", even he doesn't know the meaning about that. Then, while Hayate kept studying, Nagi was going to make a tea for him, but Thirteen stopped her and devised a plan to comfort Hayate, and the first person, or should he say "his subject", to comfort Hayate is Maria. As Maria entered Hayate's room with a tea she just made, he saw her wearing cat ears, a bell, and a cat tail. While Maria was thinking that it's a weird idea, Thirteen pushed a button on his remote, which reacts the bell so that it can take off her clothes, leaving her exposed with her stripped bra and panties. After that, Maria cried of her embarrassment and ran away. Nagi is getting jealous of Hayate seeing Maria's exposed body, but Thirteen stops her and came up with another plan, which is to make a night snack. Nagi was going to make a meal for Hayate, but even Sakuya knows that Nagi will make her unedible cooking. As both Nagi and Sakuya argued over cooking a meal, Thirteen asked Sakuya for her assistance. Later, Sakuya made a meal for Hayate so that he can eat while he is studying. Nagi gets more jealous of Hayate, just because he said to Sakuya that she cooks well. As Hayate is still eating his meal, Nagi angrily barged in and kicked him in a face. Thirteen said to Sakuya that she is more mature than Nagi, and then he winked at her. Afterward, she stepped out of Hayate's room.

Nagi checked Hayate's study work, and it seemed that Hayate is making progress, all thanks to Sakuya, as he said that to her. But, Nagi was about to cry, because she thinks Hayate prefers Sakuya's favors over hers, so she slapped him really hard. When Nagi was about to walk out of Hayate's room, Thirteen said to her that Hayate is an impotent butler, and that he will fail as her butler easily. Thirteen then said to Nagi that he would be her butler forever, because he claims that as her butler, he is way better than Hayate. As Hayate felt really depressed, he thinks about what is best for Nagi, even when he reveals the truth about her personality while he is still around. However, Nagi grabbed his hand and said to Hayate that he is her only butler, no matter how uncapable she is to him. Thirteen doesn't know what is going on, and as he leaves the room, he gives Hayate a thumbs up. Later that night, Thirteen realized that humans are complicated, as he remembered how he was first created by Shiori. During a flashback, Eight was about to destroy Thirteen, until Shiori shuts Eight's power down, knocking him unconscious. She explained to Thirteen that he was jealous of him, just because she paid attention to him. After the flashback, Thirteen realized that no matter how well he is made, he still doesn't understand anything about jealousy. As he was about to go away, he noticed something dangerous.

An emergency happened, because the news reporter informed to everyone that a giant meteor is closing in on Earth. After they saw the breaking news, Hayate, Nagi, Maria, and Sakuya ran outside of the mansion as they, along with Thirteen, looked at the meteor getting closer. Thirteen said to them that running away from a meteor is impossible, because at that rate, it will destroy everything. So that leaves Thirteen no other choice but to go into space and destroy that meteor, even if it means sacrificing himself, with his self-destruct mode. Thirteen then transforms into a rocket, but Nagi grabbed hold of him and orders him not to go. But unfortunately, it is too late for that, because Hayate grabbed Nagi away from Thirteen as he was about to take off. Thirteen then hopes that he will have his jealousy emotion installed, if he will ever be reborn. And then, he took off, went into space, and destroyed the meteor, thus saving the Earth and Nagi's happiness, though she doesn't look very happy, because she cried for her loss. This episode ends with the narrator thanking Thirteen for his courageous act, and it turns out that Thirteen wasn't destroyed at all, but he used up all of his power, nowhere to recharge, so he is stranded on the moon.

Adapted From

Volume 10

Differences in the Manga

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New Character

  • Mecha Butler 13

Cultural References



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