The Ninth Night
Zero-Raws Hayate no Gotoku! Can`t Take My Eyes Off You - 09 Title
Episode Info
Japanese Title第九夜
Romanized TitleDaikyū Ya
On Air28 November 2012
Theme Song Info
EndingKoi no Wana
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Hayate no Gotoku! CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU Episode 9 - The Ninth Night aired on November 28th 2012.


While entrusted with the Kurotsubaki, Hayate's bad luck has gotten much worse. At the hotel they’re staying, The Hakuo Three Amiga overreacts to help search for Ruri, as Hayate tries to cease them, two cops mistake his action as of indecency, then starts a panic throughout the hotel. Nagi insists Hayate to leave when Yukiji takes the Kurotsubaki from him, she wins billions at a local casino, but then is robbed of all her winnings and the Kurotsubaki along with her car by a bunch of masked thieves. Later, Hinagiku receives a call from Izumi from outside the thieves' hideout. Nagi goes along with Isumi and Sakuya to where Ruri is supposed to be at. There they find a tree in the desert and meets a woman who appears to be a demon, when Nagi tells her the Kurotsubaki been stolen, the woman sends out Ruri and Shidou to retrieve it while taking Nagi hostage. Hayate and Hinagiku save Izumi and Yukiji from the thieves before Ruri appears and found the blond-haired thief who has the Kurotsubaki. Ruri knocks out the other thieves using her skills, but just as she strikes the guy with the Kurotsubaki, it suddenly transforms into a black sword, Hayate then pushes her out of the way and gets impaled by the sword.


New Characters



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