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The side story Sore ga Seiyuu! will become an anime soonedit

Sore ga Seiyuu! (それが声優!?), the original 4-Koma doujinshi series, written by Masumi Asano who voiced Risa Asakaze and illustrated by Kenjiro Hata, is getting a television anime adaptation. The duo write the manga under the circle name Hajimemashite (同人誌?). More information about the TV anime will be revealed later this year.

Character Spotlight - Ruka Suirenjiedit

Ruka Suirenji
Ruka Suirenji (水蓮寺 ルカ Suirenji Ruka?) is a famous idol and an amateur mangaka. Like Hayate, she was abandoned by her parents and left with a debt of 150 million yen. She also shares the same dream as Nagi, which is to become a professional mangaka who can sell a trillion copies. Her birthday is on January 8th.


Latest Chapter

Chapter 478
After having been reminded that she has not worked on her manga since her competition, Nagi learns that her victory against Ruka was due to Maizumi's influence. Nagi then decides to speed things up by submitting a manga to a magazine. What will happen?

Latest Volume (all volume)

Hayate no gotoku vol 43
Volume 43
Hayate no Gotoku! Manga Volume 43 was released in Japan on December 18th 2014. The limited edition included "Vol. C" of the three brand new Hayate no Gotoku! OVAs.

Hayate no Gotoku General Newsedit

  • 12/30/14 : Sore ga Seiyuu! gets green-lit for a TV anime series. For more information click here.
  • 1/14/15 : The TV anime Sore ga Seiyuu! has been announced to air in summer of 2015. The animation will be done by Gonzo. For more information click here.


-SS-Eclipse- Hayate no Gotoku! - 20 (1280x720 h264) -950A8555-.mkv 000657958 Hayate and Tama fall and hit the ground while saving Nagi (Episode 20 (S1))

International Saimoe League 2013


The competition for the Emerald Necklace has ended! It seems that our representative, Hinagiku has a very high hurdle to jump in order to win a necklace but regardless, never giving up has always been her belief! Let us then continue to give our full support to Hinagiku in the now running nomination for the bearer of the Topaz Necklace!

To see the results of previous rounds in the prelims click here.

To see the official event calendar of ISML 2013 click here.

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