Hayate The Combat Butler TV Original Soundtrack

Hayate The Combat Butler TV Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack By Various Artists
Release DateJuly 07, 2011
GenreTV soundtrack
ProduceLinfair Records

Hayate The Combat Butler TV Original Soundtrack (旋風管家電視原聲帶 Xuànfēng guǎnjiā diànshì yuánshēngdài) is the soundtrack for the Live Action TV series released by Linfair Records on July 07, 2011. The song "Bie Wen Wo" was used as the opening theme. The song "Dan Bian Er Ji" was used as the ending theme. The songs "Turn Around" ,"Xingfu Zuizhong Hua" and "Ye" were used as insert themes for the TV series.

Track listing
  1. Bie Wen Wo (別問我 Bié wèn wǒ), translate as Don't Ask Me
    • Perform: William Wei
    • Lyrics: William Wei
    • Compose: William Wei
  2. Dan Bian Er Ji (單邊耳機 Dān biān ěrjī), translate as One Sided Earphone
    • Perform: George Hu & Aggie Xie
    • Lyrics: Ye Shu Xian)
    • Compose: Yi Jie Qi
  3. You wo zai (有我在 Yǒu wǒ zài), translate as There I was
  4. Ye (夜 ), translate as Night
    • Perform: Zeng Jing Wen
    • Lyrics: Lin Wei Li
    • Compose: Lee Hua Chang
  5. Turn Around
    • Perform: Shirley
    • Lyrics: Dai Hu Xin
    • Compose: Dai Hu Xin
  6. Xingfu Zuizhong Hua (幸福最終話 Xìngfú zuìzhōng huà), translate as Happiness final words
    • Perform: Fēiyú
  7. Bie Wen Wo Soundtrack Ver.
  8. Dan Bian Er Ji Soundtrack Ver.


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