Gui Xuelu
Cha-yukiji -dm
Counterpart(s)Yukiji Katsura
Chinese Name桂雪鷺
Pinyin NameGui Xuelu
Japanese broadcast Name桂雪路
Romaji broadcast NameKatsura Yukiji
Blood typeB
Family & Relationships
FriendJin Zhijie (co-worker)
OtherGui Chuju (sister)
First AppearanceEpisode 4 Flag of Republic of China
Episode 7 Flag of Japan
StarringYang Qi

Gui Xuelu (桂雪鷺 Gui Xuelu) is Yukiji Katsura's counterpart in the live action TV series. She is Gui Chuju's big sister and an instructor at Bai Huang Academy. She often drinks too much, usually leaving her in debt, or with little money left.


Xuelu has short black hair. She always wears a stylish cloth with a hat.

Characteristics and personality

Xuelu's personality is exactly the same as her counterpart. She likes drinking too much which makes her have little money left.


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  • Her surname is the same as Yukiji's (桂) but read in Chinese style.


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