Dreams Come In Many Forms
Chapter Info
Cover Character(s)Fumi Hibino
Total Pages16
Year Released2016
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 530: Dreams Come In Many Forms

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Fumi Hibino
  2. Sharna Alamgir
  3. Ell
  4. Armageddon


Fumi is searching for a new job in which she can earn money fast since the rapping job didn't earn her that much. Fumi and Ell want to join illegal means like insurance fraud to earn money but Sharna tells them not to do so because it is a crime. Ell searches for jobs on the Internet and she finds a suitable one: the job of a youTuber. Fumi wonders how much youTubers earn and Ell tells her that they earn 200 million yen each year. Finally, they decide to make videos of cute animals. They start filming Fumi's pet dog, Armageddon. While filming, Armageddon stands up straight, removes a milk carton from the refrigerator, puts the milk in a glass and drinks it. Then he watches a video in which he had sung the song senbonzakura. Suddenly, he receives a text message from someone. So he leaves the house to meet that person. In the end, the girls decide to get a real job.


  • Armageddon sang a cover for the song 'Senbonzakura' which was orginally sung by Hatsune Miku of Vocaloid.


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