Titanic Episode 4 - With a Vengeance
Hayate v05c51
Chapter Info
Japanese Titleタイタニック エピソード4 WITH A VENGEANCE
Romanized Titletaitanikku episodo 4 WITH A VENGEANCE
Cover Character(s)Hayate Ayasaki
Total Pages16
Year Released2005
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 51: Titanic Episode 4 - With a Vengeance (タイタニック エピソード4 WITH A VENGEANCE taitanikku episodo 4 WITH A VENGEANCE?)

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Seishirou Klaus
  2. Makita
  3. Kunieda
  4. Delaz Fleet Terrorists
  5. Sakuya Aizawa
  6. Nagi Sanzenin
  7. Hayate Ayasaki
  8. Isumi Saginomiya


Klaus, Makita and Kunieda defeat the Delaz Fleet Terrorists, but one of them presses a button that creates an explosion at the bottom part of the ship causing water to pour in. Hayate was at the place where the explosion took place. Due to the huge force of water and the other parts of the ship, Hayate gets injured and his head starts to bleed. Hayate suggests to himself that he should stay calm in this situation and decides to return to Nagi as she would be worried. He then sees Isumi floating on top of a wooden box and goes to save her. But since the water temperature was only 3 degrees due to the winter weather, he deems it to be dangerous to go in. Meanwhile Nagi decides to go look for Hayate. Hayate enters the water and reaches Isumi but she notices that there are sharks in the water. Nagi arrives and sees Hayate standing in the sharks mouth and Isumi trying to help him with a tiny stick, leaving Nagi puzzled. Nagi jumps into the water to save Hayate, but the second shark moves towards her. Isumi's starts to help her, but Hayate uses his remaining strength to defeat the shark. He falls into the water and starts to drown, but Klaus saves him.

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