I Want to Shout Out That I Love You
Hayate no Gotoku330 02
Chapter Info
Cover Character(s)Isumi Saginomiya
Total Pages12
Year Released2011
Chapter Chronology
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Chapter 330 : "I Want to Shout Out That I Love You"

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Saki Kijima
  2. Wataru Tachibana
  3. Nagi Sanzenin
  4. Isumi Saginomiya
  5. Sakuya Aizawa
  6. Ayumu Nishizawa
  7. Hayate Ayasaki


Wataru is really going to dropout of Hakuou Academy, but before he does that, he wants to finally be able to confess to Isumi his love after 10 years.


  • It is revealed that Wataru's love for Isumi was love at first sight 10 years ago when she saved him and Nagi from a flying cockroach.


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