The President Has Donkey Ears!!
Chapter Info
Japanese Title会長の耳はロバの耳
Romanized Titlekaichou no mimi roba no mimi
Cover Character(s)Hinagiku Katsura
Total Pages16
Year Released2010
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 267: The President Has Donkey Ears!!

Note: This is an extra chapter for the series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Hinagiku Katsura
  2. King Midas - appears in flashback
  3. Isumi Saginomiya
  4. Risa Asakaze
  5. Miki Hanabishi
  6. Hayate Ayasaki
  7. Sakuya Aizawa


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Hinagiku wakes up one morning and finds herself with what look to be donkey ears coming from her head, she remembers that it could be a curse from fighting King Midas in earlier chapters.

She confides in Isumi as to what to do, on her way to school she meets Risa and Miki scared of her new appearance she wears a baseball cap to cover her ears. She doesnt want Hayate to find her in this predicament but just as she begins to think about this, in walks that very person, Hayate.

Hayate being the kind and gentle person he is doesnt think she looks weird and praises her. She returns with Hayate to Isumi and ask for assistance.

Anime Adaption


  • After Hinagiku had gone to Isumi for help on dealing with her donkey ears, Hinagiku is handed a baseball cap featuring a logo of the Japanese baseball team the Hanshin Tigers.
  • After the Hakuo Three Amiga questioned Hinagiku about the baseball cap she was wearing, Hinagiku tells them that she couldn't wait until Randy Bass hits another home run. This is a reference to the former Hanshin Tigers player Randy Bass.


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