The Sun Falls on a Faraway Mountain, I Fall Into a Ravine
153 1
Chapter Info
Japanese Title遠き山に日は落ちて谷にも落ちて
Romanized TitleTōkiyamanihihaochite tani ni mo ochite
Viz TitleA Sun Went Down Behind the Distant Mountain and Also Down into the Valley
Cover Character(s)Maria
Total Pages16
Year Released2008
Chapter Chronology
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Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 153: The Sun Falls on a Faraway Mountain, I Fall Into a Ravine (遠き山に日は落ちて谷にも落ちて Tōkiyamanihihaochite tani ni mo ochite?)

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Koutarou Azumamiya
  2. Hayate Ayasaki
  3. Kaede Nonohara - appears in flashback
  4. Kotetsu Segawa
  5. Yukiji Katsura
  6. Wataru Tachibana
  7. Aika Kasumi
  8. Wataru Tachibana
  9. Chiharu Harukaze
  10. Nagi Sanzenin
  11. Hinagiku Katsura
  12. Miki Hanabishi
  13. Risa Asakaze
  14. Izumi Segawa
  15. Maria
  16. Hatsuho Saginomiya


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Anime Adaption


  • As Nagi and Chiharu comment on how Hinagiku isn't showing fatigue during their hike to the summit of Mt. Takao, Chiharu says the quote: "are those federation mobile suit monsters?". This is a reference to the Earth Federation from the Gundam series.


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