Cha britney

Cha britney moe

Japanese Nameブリトニー
Romaji NameBuritonī
Other NameBritney-chan
Blood typeUnknown
Hair ColorBlue (Nagi's version)
Green (Hayate's version)
Eyes ColorRed Brown
Family & Relationships
MotherUnknown squirell
OtherNagi Sanzenin (creator)
Manga & Anime
First Appearance
MangaChapter 4
AnimeEpisode 44 (S1)
NovelVolume 2 (Hayate's version)
Voiced ByRie Kugimiya (Nagi's version)
Ryōko Shiraishi (Hayate's version)

Britney (ブリトニー Buritonī?) is a magical girl and the lead character of Nagi's manga. She is in love with her master who has been turned into a star. Her appearance looks like a muscular man with two pony tails. At one point in the story, Nagi decided to turn her manga into an anime with Maria playing Britney, while her master was played by Hayate (both Maria and Hayate were surprised when they found out that they were part of Nagi's anime when they watched it). Hayate has also used Britney for his one shot drawing in a chapter, her appearence was a highschool girl with two pony tails. Britney's latest appearance was when she stared as a eight year old detective.


In Nagi's version, Britney has blue hair which is tied in two pigtails and wears a red oufit. She looks like a muscular man. On the other hand, Hayate's version has green hair with the appearance of a cute girl instead.


Want to live in a real world

After learning about the life style of her original creator, Hayate's Britney who lives in the fantasy world decided to swap places with Nagi, trapping Nagi in that world forever so that she can have an easy life the same as Nagi. In the end, her plan failed thanks to Hayate's interruption.


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