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Hina sama
• 4/12/2017

(Spoilers) About the final Chapters...nice or terrible?

after seeing the raw of 567 and 568 .....Looks like hata FIRED 59 TOMAHAWK MISSILES to sunk my hayatexhina ship. hinagiku was a strong competitor and a threat vs his favorite pair.  the ending of the manga was relly not satisfactory ....much plot holes 

1. not the way I wanted the manga to end ….featuring only a few characters.. leaving ayumu and maria in the dark.

2. not a satisfactory ending to the mystery of royal power and the hype created in the golden week arc was pretty much spoiled..

3. I will say blatantly …hata was quite selfish on his terms in the last two chapters … ignoring the other characters and their past unrevealed history focusing only on his favorite pair

4. the parents of hinagiku and yukiji was never presented.(why they left them) … this could have been an answer given to hinagiku by hata….speaking of parents , where is yukiji????

many others ..i dont remember at the moment. that is only manga /anime I really liked that had a terrible ending

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Hina sama
• 4/14/2017

perhaps there should be seperate side chapters concluding each heroine's route + a true ending gathering everyone

• 4/16/2017

Just renaming the title of the topic, since some haven't read the final chapters as they haven't been released yet.

• 4/16/2017

oh thanks..hina sama.... i thought ... you guys are inactive ...it's been a long time since i last visited this wiki.

Out of curiosity .... are you girl or a boy (dont beat me up) ...hina sama?

• 4/19/2017
Saiyan32 wrote:
oh thanks..hina sama.... i thought ... you guys are inactive ...it's been a long time since i last visited this wiki.

Sorry about the late reply, work has really been taking up a lot of my time "I do try to check this wiki daily".
I'm pretty certain Nechigawara, Rukapegasus and Hissatsu have been busy with their lives as well, but they still do check the wiki. ^^

Anyway, In my earlier post I had written more about how I felt towards the final arc of Hayate no Gotoku!, but unfortunately I accidentally closed my browser window and lost all that I had typed. So, I'm just going to sum up what I had typed the other night.

First I totally agree, the ending to the series was totally rushed. One of the problems I had with the final arc would be the two month time skip, In that time we could have learned more about Hisui and Himegami and had an arc about Hayate's birthday "something that was being built up towards in the series", but instead Hata chose to wrap up the series, to take a break and later focus on his new series.
Second, would be Maria. It was never explained on who she really was, why Mikado favored her and what would later became of her after she had quit being Nagi's maid.
Third, like it was mentioned earlier would be Hinagiku and Yukiji's parents they where never addressed or even shown "same goes for Mr. Katsura" though this might be relevant this was shown in one of the inside pages of Vol 49 and  was never addressed, so are we left to speculate that they might of passed on?
Hayate vol 49 inside
• 4/22/2017

Guess all good days must come to  an end ... :( i still remember the day i first noticed this anime ...and then found the wiki page..... the dedication to this series in the wiki page of the moderators are respectful. Very useful information added for the new comers in the series

Also that thread i opened in this wiki page when i just entered the series created a massacre xD ..... I had to go on replying for weeks. so many topics, arguments ...man people were so active those days about the series..... Miss those days.. :( That spark has faded away as the ended (in a unsatisfactory way)

Well this had to come someday, 7 years later i am writing this comment and remebering how this anime got me into the japanese manga/anime world. feels very bad that one of my favourite series didn't have a astonishing ending like everyone was hoping for.....i think that is reserved for another times

sorry you had to have terrible bad luck of your reviews, Hina sama....looking forward to it......:)

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