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• 11/16/2016

Final Arc Discussion Thread

After 12 years of serialization, 5 seasons of Anime, a Movie, a light-novel and a live-action film. Hayate no Gotoku will finally entering it's final arc strarting this week. It's been a long journey, everyone!

So, beacuse of that, I feel like it's apropriate to have a thread dedicated to it. Hopefully this arc will end up as good or if not even better than Athena's Arc! I can already feel it, this is gonna be good~

Anyway, here is some early discussion topics :

1. Himegami finally showed up. However, this time, his name is Aoi and not Akane like introduced in the anime. Do you think both of them are different person?

2. What do you think about Himegami's motive to team up with Hisui?

3. What do you think the reason behind Nagi's mom death?

4. What do you think will happen during :

  • Hayate's Birthday?
  • Athena's Birthday?
  • Nagi's Birthday?
  • Maria's 'Birthday'?

5. Finally, who's Hayate will end up with? There are 5 'candidates' as of now, Athena, Ayumu, Hinagiku, Maria and Nagi.

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• 11/16/2016

My Opinion :  

1. Yes, maybe something like long lost brother or possesion switch? I forget what kind of person Akane is, but I'm sure they have different physics build (at least from the hairstyle).

2. Royal Power. If he or Hisui managed to obtain Royalty, Himegami will use it for his own reason(most likely related to reviving Yukariko) and do not hesitate who stand in his way, even Hisui.

3. It's known that the fact it's not caused by sickness, but I still have some doubt about this, maybe something related to King Midas when she's about to release the Nadja goddess?

4. I don't know about the rest, but on Maria's birthday, some big event will happen during that time and the manga will reach it's conclusion by then(just like hinted on previous chapter). I assume it's mostly about Maria's past revelation.

5. Leaning towards Nagi, but Maria is a dark horse with her potential of her own arc, Athena chance also isn't small, maybe some hope for Hinagiku too? and for Ayumu, I hope for a proper good ending for her.

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