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Hina sama
• 9/10/2015

Curious about Hakuo High School attendant.

This isn't serious discussion, just curious about Hakuo High School attendant rules. After finish Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 10, I remembers that Nagi Sanzenin also absent a lot of class. So why it will be a problem if Rin's absent while Nagi can do it? :D

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Hina sama
• 9/10/2015

This is kinda funny, the other day I  do recall someone on a forum bringing up the exact same topic, ^^;

Anyway, I'm certain that Hakuo Academy allows Nagi to slide mostly because:

  • In addition to her tuition, which has already been fully paid for. Hakuo Academy has more then likely had received donations from the Sanzenin family.
  • Academically, Nagi does exceptionally well for someone her age.
  • She has strong ties to the chairman of the Academy, including her grandfather who is one of the board of chairman. (mostly this)
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