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• 12/17/2014


Is this website compatible with java cell phones???.... i can't seem to reply with my cell phone running opera mini 4.4 java...
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• 12/17/2014

Nope. Nowaday, most site creates base on HTML5, include Mediawiki (Wiki Software that wikia use). And most HTML5 is not compatible with Java J2ME browser. I assume that your phone should be Nokia Asha or Sysmbian phone (The phone that still use java that I can recall). The only thing you can do is buy the new phone that use iOS, Android, Or Windows Phone 8 (Not Sure about Blackberry). Because I can't create specific system since the system isn't create by me.

• 12/18/2014
Thanks for the reply .. Actually i do use android but it was in repairing ...........it came back yesterday but i tried to access using my android just now.... but i still can't access the reply .... I used the chrome android and mozilla firefox android.... problem is i can't even tick the reply button ......they are like unavailabe.... may be it is because the loading editor does not load ..may be that's why the reply button is not available ..it says loading editor but does not load editor ...what's is this new problem ...??...pls help me....
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