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• 4/24/2014



Actually everyone would say that SPenergy was quite good in fact better in the 1st season which should have been quite satisfying and this also arises the question in my mind that why Spenergy did not continue through the 2nd season....Why J.C staff came?....Because their was some fault with the 1st season....
1.Skipping Hina Arc that forced J.C staff to remake in 2nd season
There was no episode where Hina met Ayumu in 1st season..but in ep 52 they were in the Mykonos together like they know each other for a long time.....

2.Not all the mysteries were disclosed in front of the fans

3.The genre contains both comedy and action and also mysteries ....comedy was fine but action was regarding to only saving Nagi or others..less regarding mysteries...(no reviewing of athena at first)

NOTE: SPenergy does not make anime now....I think

So Hata changed his direction to J.C staff for more improvement

2nd season was best among most of the fans...but some say it is best to only Hina fans....some way it might be true..Though I am a fan of Hina ...But I think I liked all the episodes..then again there was noticeable fault with 2nd season...

1.The main reason is that J.C staff only focused on Hina arc(and shimoda arc), Not all fans like Hina and also a whole season can't be based on a character(that's where the popularity went down a bit). If J.C staff had continued the season till golden week arc or just before the golden week arc things could have been different for the anime..In fact it could have been the best season ....Hina arc should have been a part of the season not the overwhelming part that occupied half of the season.

2.Not a very long season for the fans' attraction.
3.There was no completion in genre ....only romance and comedy...

Hata didn't like how J.C staff handled the situation and abandoned J.C staff and so the anime took a very long break.
Seeing the last episode I thought they were preparing for the golden week arc..but I guess they were not given any chance by Hata.

NOTE: Many experts in animation department left J.C staff..so we might not see that animation quality of 2nd season ever again(oh! I seriously hope not!)

So that's how the anime got imbalanced and now the anime is under threat..since mangalobe didn't do well at all...also Hata made a choice of bringing an outsided story(season3) which was not quite attractive but to japanese fans it is and hata is only thinking about them. The movie wasn't that bad....but in the movie hayate (or Hata) said to the fans that those who don't know what happened in between then please read the manga...indicating that Hata is not caring about international fans but only to japanese fans....but we should make him realise that this series is also popular outside japan.....

....The popularity of s3 and s4 was relatively low....though it attracted a lot of viewers japanese to be specific..well everyone will have their own complaints......If there is a season 5 or the real s3 in the future or whatever then It must be started where J.C staff left with a good animation quality like J.C staff or J.C staff itself if they have improved....That's one way I think to save the anime...get the popularity rise up...
three ova's coming ..i guess i have to settle with that for now

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• 4/25/2014

You wrong about the 1st season.

1. The studio name is SynergySP, not SPenergy

2. SynergySP is the sub company of Shogakukan, publisher of Hayate no Gotoku!

3. That means, SynergySP do the animation depend on Shogakukan demands.

4. At the year of 2nd Season, SynergySP had to do the animation Cross Game.

5. And the year before, they did Zettai Karen Children

6. That's why J.C staff took it, Since anime need to have 2nd Season at that time to prevent the long gap error like the one that happens between SS2 and Movies.

7. SynergySP didn't did SS3 and onward because Shogakukan didn't demand them to do. They had to do other works such as Beyblade: Metal Fury and Chibi Devi!. Both of them are long run anime.

8. And no one took it because the failure of SS2 until Manglobe come.

And, for 2nd Season

1. J.C. staff Also cut most important part from the story. For example, jokes, Ayumu's heroine chapters, and the link to Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers

2. Unlike SynergySP, J.C. staff didn't get supplied with money (Shogakukan give money directly to SynergySP, since Shogakukan hired them to make their manga become the anime). So J.C. staff need to do anime like other studio. Short term anime and get income from the merchandises. That's why anime is a bit short (2 season - 25 EPs).

PS. Don't forget that most income the animation studio and manga publisher get is from "japanese fans", not "international fans". I'm sure that many international fans didn't buy a lot of original japanese merchandises like me.

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