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Hina sama
• 9/27/2013

Everything has an ending..But can it still be started in a new way?

I had this sudden thought....What will be my reaction if hayate series ends?.....It will hurt me...It is overall a great manga, a great anime series...It really has given a joy to all the fans.....I will really miss it..It is really  popular in both manga and anime....

Well every story has an ending...This is no different from it...So many wonderful characters...so many mysteries..so  many places.. I will never forget them neither the fans will....after the ending Hayate, Hinagiku, Nagi, Ayumu, Athena and rest of them will always be in our memories.. besides the genre supernatural, we can get life lessons from them..this series teaches us how to maintain life how to keep relations between friends....lending helping hands when needed ....Everyone has memories of first time watching Hayate or reading the manga ....i have to..and those memories with hayate series really recalls me..I feel like going back in time and start watching them and read manga like first time reading and watching it......Really Hata can make some manga.. I wish hata makes another wonderful manga like hayate.....or even after reaching the conclusion..He can make a whole new story for hayate and expand the series....Also I hope this wiki continues and also give support for hayate series and give full support to the new fans.....

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Hina sama
• 9/28/2013

The ending for the series probably won't happen for some time, Kenjiro Hata himself has stated last year that the series is about 60% done. The series began in 2004 and it took eight years to reach 60 % so its got atleast another few years.

Though, when the time does come and Hayate no Gotoku! ends. I'm certain that Kenjiro Hata's next work (granted if he makes another series) would more than likely take place in the same universe or have some of his characters from his other works make an appearance i.e. Souya and Mitsumi from Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers appearing in Hayate no Gotoku!, Hayate, Maria and Atsumari from Hayate no Gotoku! appearing in his 4-koma Sore ga Seiyuu!

• 10/21/2013

Alternatively maybe a timeskip (a la Naruto), where the characters are older, the series gets more action-oriented and less harem-ish as it progresses (like with Negima!), and it expands more on the characters (rather than just mindless babbling nonsense right now). Maybe have the existing series conclude with an adventure-based arc (like the End of the World Arc).

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